World Market For Small Appliances

March 2022

New variants of coronavirus (COVID-19), resulting lockdown measures and economic uncertainties hampered a full recovery for small appliances in 2021. New habits formed and heightened hygiene awareness have differed across regions, but continue to be a main growth driver, supported by consumers’ desire to live a simpler and healthier life in the long term.

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Key Findings

Holistic home health and hygiene

Demand for home health and hygiene persists, but perceptions have progressively evolved. In the long term, consumers are pursing holistic solutions that go beyond responding to the virus itself and are tending towards a wider wellness-centred vision for future homes. For manufacturers, category expansion, new product development and communication strategies should be formulated with a wellness orientation.

Self-care bolsters “feel good” products

External uncertainties caused by the pandemic have led consumers to refocus on themselves and their inner side. Small appliances that elevate experiences at home and have a “feel good” factor will be in demand as they are perceived as a stress-relieving and spirit-lifting means to care for consumers’ physical and emotional wellbeing. Emerging personal care appliances, espresso coffee machines, etc, are expected to continue to benefit.

Embracing versatility

Homes are expected to become increasingly congested, and the trend is towards smaller living spaces in the longer term, thus consumers are likely to spend more on the few appliances they have, with manufacturers continuing to make advances in technological capabilities. Versatility will be a key differentiator to compete for consumers’ time and space, increase convenience and make consumers’ lives simpler.

Artificial intelligence as an enabler to drive home automation

Though artificial intelligence is not present in all small appliances categories, and might not be applicable to all in the future either, it has proven to be a revolutionary technology to reduce human intervention by helping with decision making. Where connectivity and smartness is treasured as part of the smart home and personalised experience offering (eg robotic vacuum cleaners), AI is expected to be a key differentiator to drive product performance and premiumisation.

Opportunities in ecosystem partnerships

Ecosystem partnerships have been heavily investigated by major appliances manufacturers, and are becoming pivotal for small appliances manufacturers, as the future home will be connected and smart. Such partnerships can help manufacturers seek new streams of revenue and business opportunities through bundle sales, subscriptions with consumable brands or private label, and the shared and circular economy.

Examining five trends shaping small appliances
Small appliances recovers in 2021, with a full recovery expected in 2022
Small appliances: Growth and per household consumption by category
Asia Pacific leads recovery in absolute growth terms in 2021
Personal care appliances shows the fastest growth
E-commerce spearheads small appliances channels
China, US, and India are the top three markets for future growth
A fragmented landscape for small appliances
Midea further expands leadership, while Philips exits the category
Smartphone company Xiaomi quickly climbs up the ranks
Xiaomi’s key successful factors: A ffordability and device inter-compatibility
Examining five trends shaping small appliances
Holistic home health and hygiene
Case studies (1)
Self-care bolsters “feel good” products
Case studies (2)
Embracing versatility
Case studies (3)
Artificial intelligence as an enabler to drive home automation
Case studies (4)
Opportunities in ecosystem partnerships
Case studies (5)
China: The “lazy” economy drives effort- and time-saving small appliances
Case studies: Growth and innovation strategies (1)
Case studies: Growth and innovation strategies (2)
Global snapshot of air treatment products
Global snapshot of food preparation appliances
Global snapshot of heating appliances
Global snapshot of irons
Global snapshot of personal care appliances
Global snapshot of small cooking appliances
Global snapshot of vacuum cleaners
Regional snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot: North America
Regional snapshot: Latin America
Regional snapshot: Western Europe
Regional snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot: Australasia

Consumer Appliances

Consumer Appliances is the aggregation of major appliances and small appliances. Major appliances are an aggregate of the following categories: refrigeration appliances, home laundry appliances, dishwashers, large cooking appliances and microwaves. Small appliances are an aggregation of the following categories: food preparation appliances, small cooking appliances, vacuum cleaners, irons, personal care appliances, heating appliances and air treatment appliances.



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