Asia Pacific Consumer Trends: How Self-love and Individuality are Taking Centre-stage

May 2023

The Asian consumer is changing. Traditional values that served the collective in terms of both society and the family are on the wane, with COVID-19 lockdowns accelerating a new focus on individualism and the self. This report explores how Asian consumers are evolving and emerging new opportunities through a deep cultural lens for manufacturers to tap into the market post-COVID. 

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Key Findings

A focus on the self, rooted in shifting values and economic power 

Priorities for Asian consumers have been gradually shifting to a focus on the self due to higher disposable incomes and globalisation, with COVID-19 as a turning point. Consumers are challenging the legitimacy of collective expectations and the illusion of collective interest. Greater individualism has shifted the focus to the self, with self-growth and development, self-acceptance and expression and personal wellbeing at the fore. 

The rise of the self/individuality

Values are changing from being family-centred to being self-centred. This change has led to an increase in people choosing a life without marriage, respecting individual ways of life and values, and embracing time spent alone. Opportunities lie in solutions tailored for single urban lifestyles, such as smaller homes and convenient dietary options.

Wellbeing and self-care

The importance of wellbeing and a focus on the self has risen amongst Asia Pacific consumers, bolstered by the outbreak of COVID-19.  There is a shift in the perception of wellbeing to encompass emotional and mental wellbeing, with a need to lower stress levels, encourage better sleep and highlight physical exercise while ensuring one’s domestic surroundings are calm and comforting.

Evolving perceptions of beauty

Enhanced self-awareness in Asia Pacific has led to the reshaping of beauty and fashion perceptions by local consumers. Opportunities surrounding the increasing demand in emerging sectors, like inclusive beauty and body positivity, exist. With Asia Pacific playing an increasingly influential role in today’s global beauty and fashion industries, more localised solutions and trend-setting products will help players seize the initiative.


Executive summary
A shifting focus on the self is rooted in changing values
Rising incomes is a key driver for increased spending on the self
How a focus on the self is shaping today and tomorrow’s Asian consumers
Asia Pacific records the fastest increase of single-person households globally
Changing individual values: daring to stay single
Becoming self-centred rather than family-centred
Singleton lifestyles boost demand for smaller homes and appliances
Singletons demand convenience and smaller pack sizes
Daring to spend time alone
Objects of affection to relieve loneliness, while enjoying freedom
Opportunities from the rise of the self
Wellbeing and its evolving meaning for Asia Pacific consumers
Growing sober-curious: Asian consumers rethink their relationship with alcohol
One size does not fit all: Consumers in Asia Pacific look for personalised experiences
Natural mood enhancers to boost self-care
Stress reduction and mental wellbeing activities have a renewed focus
Rising interest for sleep aids with added benefits
Beautify the home for a calming effect
Opportunities in wellbeing
Asia Pacific consumers traditionally prioritise outwardly-focused beauty
Consumers focus on enhancing their appearance
Younger generations show greater self-confidence
The Asian quest to be thin
From skinny aesthetics to body positivity
Advocating colour tone inclusivity
A holistic approach to beauty is here to stay
Executive summary


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