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Consumer Foodservice

Our Passport Consumer Foodservice database helps redirect assumptions and uncover new opportunities with global insights on category trends in 54 countries worldwide.

With intuitive navigation to statistics and analysis on the industry, Passport Consumer Foodservice helps move your business forward with a stronger strategic direction.


Food and drink companies
  • Follow key consumer trends, opportunities and threats
  • Identify foodservice supply opportunities
  • Build local foodservice operator knowledge
Equipment and material suppliers
  • Inform marketing, brand, product and sales functions
  • Align corporate strategy to the outlook and growth potential of the market
  • Identify cultural and lifestyle demand factors
  • Benchmark and track competitors
  • Examine industry performance and growth prospects
  • Analyse chained and independent foodservice market sizes
  • Identify untapped demand segments in international markets


  • 15 years of comparable data, including 5 years of forecasts
  • Foodservice value, number of outlets and transactions
  • 24 foodservice sub-categories with a chained and independent split for each
  • Consumer foodservice data by location
  • 10 years of company and brand shares in value, outlets and transactions
  • Company data by global brand owner and national brand owner or major franchisee
  • Brand data by global brand name and local brand name
  • Eat-in / takeaway / delivery / drive-through
  • Food vs. drink sales
  • Online vs. offline sales
  • Menu prices across all foodservice categories


  • Dashboards deliver a visual representation of category, company and channel performance to reveal future opportunities and threats 
  • Global reports on the latest market trends, new product activity and emerging growth sectors examine the market from a global and regional perspective
  • Country reports analyse key trends and developments in 54 national markets for all product categories, competitors and channels
  • Company profiles evaluate the market position and financial performance of the leading national and international market players

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