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Consumer Lifestyles in China

June 2022

Consumer Lifestyles offers valuable insights into key consumer attitudes and current thinking, and their impact on purchasing and consumption habits; quantifying behaviours, preferences and motivations, and aligning them with broader trends in China.

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Consumer Lifestyle reports provide detailed snapshorts of the behaviours, attitudes and spending patterns of consumers in 40 countries. 

The Lifestyles reports offer valuable statistics and insights into key consumer traits and values, linking behaviour trends with purchase and consumption habits. Using lifestyles survey data, these reports quantify behaviours, preferences and motivations both now and in the future across specific consumer-related topics relating to how consumers live, shop, work and play in 40 markets. Analysis is also included on how Euromonitor’s 8 focus megatrends, the longer-term shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviour, are playing out in each of the 40 countries. Consumer lifestyles are constantly shifting. Understanding behavioural shifts is vital for businesses to stay competitive and adapt to in order to capitalise on new opportunities.

The Consumer Lifestyle in China report includes:

Lifestyles survey data and analysis on consumer values, behaviour and future expectations on topics such as life priorities, home and work life, ethical and health priorities and eating, leisure and shopping habits and use of technology. Consumer Megatrends covered are: Connected Consumers Ethical Living Experience More Healthy Living Middle Class Retreat Premiumisation Shifting Market Frontiers Shopping Reinvented

The Consumer Lifestyle in China report answers:

  • How is the consumer mindset in China changing? In China, what are consumer attitudes towards “green” and sustainable products?
  • What values influence consumers in China purchase decisions?
  • Where and how do consumers shop in China?
  • What health-related activities do consumers in China participate in?
  • What megatrends should I focus on in China (and why)?
  • How do I prioritize my investment? I operate in country x, which are the most important megatrends in that country?
  • My product chimes with the Healthy Living trend, what consumer behaviours do I need to consider for innovation planning?
Consumer landscape in China 2022
Life priorities
Finding “me time” low by global comparison as a selfless culture prevails
Time for favorite activities ranks high among Chinese consumers
A prestigious image and being perceived as successful is paramount
Gen Z not as influenced by car ownership status
Consumers value quality and innovation but will choose trusted brands
Millennials have stronger in purchasing values and priorities
Home life
Being digitally connected at home vital to majority of consumers
Gen X most active home exercisers
Poor air quality in cities drives desire for homes in areas with cleaner air
Eating habits
Prepared food is popular as it is affordable and urban kitchens are small
Chinese consumers want foods with health and nutritional benefits
Low rates of food restrictions set to change as Gen Z adopt flexitarianism
Afternoon snacks at the weekend much more popular than during the week
Love of streaming among younger consumers drives snacking behaviour
Working life
Work-life balance valued alongside job security and good salaries
Younger generations breaking the mould and choosing to work for themselves
Earnings seen as imperative but job security important as well
Flexible working hours most important future work expectation
Flexible working times are highly desirable for younger Chinese
Leisure habits
High levels of weekly online socialising among all generations
Shopping remains a popular leisure activity in China
Millennials and Gen X are the most avid leisure shoppers
International travel remains subdued but domestic trips flourish
Relaxation: most sought-after holiday feature for consumers
Gen Z less interested in outdoor/nature activities as they prefer to relax
Health and wellness
A third participate in physical exercise almost every day
Walking and running easily accessible and a good reason to get outdoors
All generations enjoy walking and running to maintain health
Use of sleep aids far exceeds global average
Millennials more focused on stress-reduction activities than other generations
Sustainable living
Over 60% of respondents worried about climate change
High levels of concern and positive actions across all generations
Reducing the use of plastics and food waste is a key concern for Chinese consumers
Young consumers more interested in using sustainable packaging
Chinese consumers vote with their wallets on brand values
Younger generations more inclined to buy from brands that support their values
Shopping habits
Niche products and brands have unique appeal to Chinese consumers
Younger generations want personalised and tailored shopping experiences
Chinese are more influenced by their social network than their global counterparts
Friends and family recommendations valued by Gen Z
Subscriptions appeal to consumers for the enjoyment value
Gen Z most motivated by the convenience of subscription services
Consumers motivated to shop in-store to see or try before buying but lower than average
Younger consumers still driven to visit stores to see physical products
Price and variety of products motivate consumers to shop online
Availability of a selection of brands drives Gen Z to shop online
Spending habits
Millennials focused on increasing spending on health/wellness, education and technology
Younger cohorts expect to increase their savings, but Millennials also expect to spend more
Life lived online is carefully scripted and managing privacy is key
Managing data sharing and privacy settings important across generations
Smartphones lead the way in devices across generations in China
Smart wearables exhibit consumers’ love for tech-driven lifestyles
Social networking is an integral part of life for Chinese consumers
Millennials most active on social networking sites

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