Consumer Lifestyles in Thailand

Consumer Lifestyle

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Jan 2018

Consumers have dealt with recent economic and political challenges, but most are now cautiously optimistic about their financial futures and household spending is expected grow. Rapid urbanisation has helped establish modern retail and consumers continue to purchase the latest products, ranging from food to durables. Although it is still in a nascent stage, internet retailing is growing. The increasing number of single-person households has had a significant impact on consumers’ shopping habits.

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Consumer Lifestyles in Thailand

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Consumer Lifestyles in Thailand


Chart 1 Consumer Lifestyles in 2017


Consumers cautiously optimistic but many eager to spend
Growing number of single, urban households
Online shopping set to increase as internet access expands
Convenience stores continue to grow in popularity
Growing health awareness driving changes in consumers’ eating and leisure habits


Babies and Infants (0-2 years)
Chart 2 Babies and Infants in Focus 2016-2030
Chart 3 Number of Kids (Aged 3-8)
Tweens (aged 9-12)
Chart 4 Tweens in Focus 2016-2030
Teens (13-17)
Chart 5 Teens in Focus 2016-2030
Young Adults (18-29)
Chart 6 Young Adults in Focus 2016-2030
Chart 7 Priorities of Young Adults (Aged 18-29)
Middle Youth (30-44)
Chart 8 Middle Youth in Focus
Chart 9 Priorities of Middle Youth (Aged 30-44)
Mid-Lifers (45-64)
Chart 10 Mid-Lifers in Focus
Chart 11 Priorities and Preferences of Mid-Lifers (Aged 45-64)
Later-Lifers (65-79)
Chart 12 Later-Lifers in Focus
Chart 13 Priorities and Preferences of Later-Lifers (Aged 65-79)
Seniors (80+)
Chart 14 Seniors in Focus 2016-2030
Chart 15 Life Expectancy 2016-2030


The Home Space
Chart 16 Households by Type of Dwelling; Year-on-Year Growth of Homeowners with and without a Mortgage 2016-2030
Chart 17 Households by Type 2016-2030
Chart 18 Households by Urban and Rural 2016-2030
Chart 19 Age Distribution of Consumers by Dwelling Type 2017
Running Costs
Chart 20 Household Running Costs 2016-2030
Chart 21 Housing-related Spending Intentions


Attitudes towards Spending
Chart 22 Discretionary Item or Service Spending Intentions: 2017-2018
Attitudes towards Savings
Chart 23 Disposable Income and Savings 2011-2016
Chart 24 Saving and Spending Intentions 2017-2018


Main Household Shop
Chart 25 Household Shop by Retailer Type 2016
Chart 26 Shopping Habits, Attitudes and Influencers
Shopping for Big-Ticket Items and Personal Goods
Shopping Online
Chart 27 Spending on Internet Retailing
Chart 28 Motivations for Shopping Online vs In-store


Eating Habits
Chart 29 Consumer Spending on Food by Type
Chart 30 Preferences, Preparation, and Consumption of Food
Chart 31 Total Consumer Spending compared to Spending on Food 2016
Drinking Habits
Chart 32 Consumer Spending on Drinks 2016
Chart 33 Total Consumer Spending compared to Spending on Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks 2016


Investing in Yourself: Female Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Chart 34 Consumer Expenditure on Clothing, Footwear and Personal Care by Men and Women
Chart 35 Total Consumer Expenditure Compared with Spending on Clothing, Footwear and Personal Care by Men and Women
Chart 36 Daily Time Spent on Grooming Activities by Women: 2016
Investing in Yourself: Male Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Chart 37 Daily Time Spent on Grooming Activities by Men: 2016
Style Icons and Celebrity Influences
Chart 38 Social Media and Celebrity Influences


Attitudes to Health and Wellbeing
Chart 39 Health-Related Spending and Healthy Life Expectancy for Men and Women 2016-2030
Chart 40 Obese and Overweight Population 2016 and 2020
Chart 41 Daily Health-Related Activities and Concerns by Age: 2017
Ethical Living
Chart 42 Eco-Attitudes and Willingness to Pay for Environmentally-friendly Product Features
Sport and Fitness
Chart 43 Frequency of Exercise Activities


Leisure Time
Chart 44 Life Stress Concerns
Chart 45 Household Possession of a Smartphone, Laptop and Tablet and Access to the Internet
Chart 46 Frequency of Common Digital Activities on a Computer and a Mobile Phone
Chart 47 Daily Social Activities on Computer vs. Mobile Phone: 2017
Chart 48 Total Consumer Expenditure compared to Spending on Leisure and Recreation
Chart 49 Total Consumer Expenditure compared to Spending on Package Holidays
Chart 50 Holiday Time and Domestic and International Trips
Opportunities for Celebrations and Gift-Giving