Consumer Types in Vietnam

June 2023

Consumer Types can be a powerful tool to help companies better understand and appeal to their target markets. By going beyond typical demographic-based segmentation, such as age or gender, and grouping consumers based on shared traits and preferences, companies can better develop products and marketing campaigns that resonate with key customers.

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Consumer Lifestyle reports provide detailed snapshorts of the behaviours, attitudes and spending patterns of consumers in 40 countries. 

The Lifestyles reports offer valuable statistics and insights into key consumer traits and values, linking behaviour trends with purchase and consumption habits. Using lifestyles survey data, these reports quantify behaviours, preferences and motivations both now and in the future across specific consumer-related topics relating to how consumers live, shop, work and play in 40 markets. Analysis is also included on how Euromonitor’s 8 focus megatrends, the longer-term shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviour, are playing out in each of the 40 countries. Consumer lifestyles are constantly shifting. Understanding behavioural shifts is vital for businesses to stay competitive and adapt to in order to capitalise on new opportunities.

The Consumer Lifestyle in Vietnam report includes:

Lifestyles survey data and analysis on consumer values, behaviour and future expectations on topics such as life priorities, home and work life, ethical and health priorities and eating, leisure and shopping habits and use of technology. Consumer Megatrends covered are: Connected Consumers Ethical Living Experience More Healthy Living Middle Class Retreat Premiumisation Shifting Market Frontiers Shopping Reinvented

The Consumer Lifestyle in Vietnam report answers:

  • How is the consumer mindset in Vietnam changing? In Vietnam, what are consumer attitudes towards “green” and sustainable products?
  • What values influence consumers in Vietnam purchase decisions?
  • Where and how do consumers shop in Vietnam?
  • What health-related activities do consumers in Vietnam participate in?
  • What megatrends should I focus on in Vietnam (and why)?
  • How do I prioritize my investment? I operate in country x, which are the most important megatrends in that country?
  • My product chimes with the Healthy Living trend, what consumer behaviours do I need to consider for innovation planning?
Why segment consumers by type?
Breakdown of consumer types in Vietnam
Who is the Impulsive Spender?
Impulsive Spender : demographic profile
Impulsive Spender: values and influences
Impulsive Spender: in-store and online shopping motivations
Best ways to target the Impulsive Spender
Who is the Undaunted Striver?
Undaunted Striver : demographic profile
Undaunted Striver: values and influences
Undaunted Striver: in-store and online shopping motivations
Best ways to target the Undaunted Striver
Who is the Empowered Activist?
Empowered Activist : demographic profile
Empowered Activist: values and influences
Empowered Activist: in-store and online shopping motivations
Best ways to target the Empowered Activist
Who is the Cautious Planner?
Cautious Planner : demographic profile
Cautious Planner: values and influences
Cautious Planner: in-store and online shopping motivations
Best ways to target the Cautious Planner
Who is the Conservative Homebody?
Conservative Homebody : demographic profile
Conservative Homebody: values and influences
Conservative Homebody: in-store and online shopping motivations
Best ways to target the Conservative Homebody
Who is the Minimalist Seeker?
Minimalist Seeker : demographic profile
Minimalist Seeker: values and influences
Minimalist Seeker: in-store and online shopping motivations
Best ways to target the Minimalist Seeker
Age and gender
City size and parental status
Employment (1)
Employment (2)
Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles Survey
Euromonitor International’s Consumer Types series
How do we create our Consumer Types?

Buy Conumer Lifestyle overview reports to:

Gain a thorough knowledge of shifting consumer attitudes and habits and fill in information gaps to inform product/service development, market positioning and channel strategy.


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