Consumer Values and Behaviour in Germany

July 2021

This report visually explores everyday habits and behaviours that reflect consumers' beliefs and values, linking behaviourial trends with purchase and consumption habits in Germany

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Consumer Lifestyle reports provide detailed snapshorts of the behaviours, attitudes and spending patterns of consumers in 40 countries. 

The Lifestyles reports offer valuable statistics and insights into key consumer traits and values, linking behaviour trends with purchase and consumption habits. Using lifestyles survey data, these reports quantify behaviours, preferences and motivations both now and in the future across specific consumer-related topics relating to how consumers live, shop, work and play in 40 markets. Analysis is also included on how Euromonitor’s 8 focus megatrends, the longer-term shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviour, are playing out in each of the 40 countries. Consumer lifestyles are constantly shifting. Understanding behavioural shifts is vital for businesses to stay competitive and adapt to in order to capitalise on new opportunities.

The Consumer Lifestyle in Germany report includes:

Lifestyles survey data and analysis on consumer values, behaviour and future expectations on topics such as life priorities, home and work life, ethical and health priorities and eating, leisure and shopping habits and use of technology. Consumer Megatrends covered are: Connected Consumers Ethical Living Experience More Healthy Living Middle Class Retreat Premiumisation Shifting Market Frontiers Shopping Reinvented

The Consumer Lifestyle in Germany report answers:

  • How is the consumer mindset in Germany changing? In Germany, what are consumer attitudes towards “green” and sustainable products?
  • What values influence consumers in Germany purchase decisions?
  • Where and how do consumers shop in Germany?
  • What health-related activities do consumers in Germany participate in?
  • What megatrends should I focus on in Germany (and why)?
  • How do I prioritize my investment? I operate in country x, which are the most important megatrends in that country?
  • My product chimes with the Healthy Living trend, what consumer behaviours do I need to consider for innovation planning?
Consumer values and behaviour in Germany
New and innovative products and services appeal to consumers
Gen X especially interested in trying new products and services
Consumers have strong faith in the value of their investments
Germans have more pessimistic outlook on life than global average
Germans not in a hurry to increase their in-person activities
Younger generations have a more positive outlook on their future
Low levels of consumers feel that the world will be a safer place in future
The impact of climate change is a top concern among German consumers
Gen Z feel strongly that climate change will impact them more in future
More time spent at home has driven more frequent virtual connections
Higher percentage of home exercise among younger generations
Energy efficiency and good air quality important to German households
Good access to public transport a top priority, especially for women
Germans enjoy home-cooked meals over ordering ready-made food
Low rates for barriers to cooking at home, but time is biggest constraint
Millennials most impacted by lack of time to cook
More than half of respondents look for healthy ingredients
All generations focused on healthy ingredients in food they eat
A flexible job close to home more sought after than working from home
Younger generations want jobs that offer better work-life balance
Job security most important factor, especially for women
Gen Z look for high salaries over job security
Pressure less of an issue; majority want to find ways to simplify their lives
Gen X have stricter boundaries but greater desire to simplify their lives
Over 60% of Germans regularly go on a day trip
Socialising online has surged as consumers stay at home
Shopping and going to the cinema most frequent leisure activities
Younger generations like leisure shopping more than older cohorts
Germans cycle more frequently than run or jog for exercise
Gen Z more team sports orientated than other generations
Herbal remedies are the top choice for stress-reduction activities
Herbal remedies not as popular among Gen Z who prefer yoga to relax
German consumers have most faith in recyclable labels
Older consumers feel more positive about their impact on environment
Reducing the use of plastics most prominent green behaviour
All generations aware of need to reduce their use of plastics
Use of sustainable packaging higher than global average
Buying sustainably-produced items most important to Gen Z
Consumers more likely to boycott brands that do not share their beliefs
Gen Z and Baby Boomers passionate about brands that support their values
Consumers more focused on discounts and bargains when shopping
Gen Z more attuned to the satisfaction of buying eco/ethical products
Cautious consumers driving second-hand and private label uptake
Gen Z most enthusiastic about the circular economy
Consumers not as comfortable purchasing products on their smartphones
Younger generations more likely to purchase using their smartphones
Pent-up demand for vacations driving intentions to increase spending
Gen Z are focusing their future spending on new technology
Privacy and managing data sharing key concerns for German consumers
Younger consumers more likely to share their data to receive offers
Tendency for buying, sharing or retweeting on social networks low
Gen Z much more active on social media than other generations
German consumers becoming more adept at mobile banking
Gen Z using their mobiles more often to make in-store payments

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