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Future of TV - An Oversized Smartphone?

October 2022

TV has been an integral part of a family’s household entertainment for more than 50 years. Does TV still have a role in the ever-changing entertainment lifestyle of the digital consumer?

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Key Takeaways

Consumers spending more time on screens

With stores and schools closed due to the pandemic, consumers were spending more time at home watching movies and shows.

LCD TVs offer the best value

While OLED TV prices continue to drop, there is still a significant price gap between LCD and OLED TVs. Critically, most consumers will not be able to discern the difference in video quality.

The younger generation of consumers are willing to pay for digital services

Millennials and Gen Z are the most frenzied users of both free and paid digital services.

Opportunities to grow e-commerce sales on TV

The UX on TV needs to improve and make it easier for consumers to search and input text on the big screen in order to grow e-commerce sales on TV.

Screens of all sizes to cater for different consumers’ needs

Consumers will use different devices according to their specific usage but TV is an integral part of home entertainment.

Key takeaways
LCD TVs reign supreme despite challenges from technologically superior alternatives
More people are watching shows and movies at home due to the pandemic
Intense competition for video streaming subscribers
Smart TVs are not exactly smart?
Adspend on TV decreases but traditional TV media can help reach a wider audience
Going down the Metaverse rabbit hole
Millennials and Gen Z are willing to pay for digital services
Mini projectors in bedroom or in rental room
Manufacturers investing heavily in next-generation display technologies
Insatiable demand for screen time driving sales of devices with a display
Avid gamers will pay for the best TVs to maximise their gaming experience
Rapid urbanisation means smaller houses and less space for bulky items
Screen presence extends from living room and bedroom into the kitchen
Opportunities to grow e-commerce sales on TV
Screens of all sizes for different consumers’ needs

Consumer Electronics

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