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Global Overview of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Industry

October 2022

The briefing examines how the pharmaceuticals and medical equipment industry is performing globally and in the largest countries in terms of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment output. The report also provides data for production, market size, imports, exports, industry costs, industry profitability and number of companies. The industry and market overview provide benchmarks against other countries globally.

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Key findings

Rising investment in R&D and innovation

Ageing populations and the rising prevalence of chronic diseases will continue to fuel demand for high-value innovative treatments, and drive investment in research and development (R&D), especially in the areas of oncology, immunology, neurology, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Biologics are set to remain among the fastest growing categories, with the rising importance of treatment personalisation.

Supply chain transformation

In the wake of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, many countries have faced disruptions in supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and other medicines and medical devices. Governments’ efforts to improve supply chain resilience are expected to facilitate alternative supply arrangements and localisation of production of pharmaceuticals and essential medical devices.

Innovative production methods and digitalisation

Pharmaceutical producers are embracing new production methods, such as continuous manufacturing, single-use technologies and modular solutions, to save costs and time, and increase reliability. Moreover, a greater focus on smart production transformation, including digitalisation of manufacturing, automation and robotisation, will contribute to future industry progress.

Cost-conscious environment

Under the rising pressure to reduce healthcare costs, growing pharmaceuticals pricing pressure will continue to squeeze producers’ margins. It is also set to drive up demand for generics and biosimilars, foster early diagnostics to improve preventative health and facilitate a shift towards value-based pharmaceutical contracts.

Examining four trends shaping the pharmaceuticals and medical equipment industry
Key trends impacting the industry in 2022
Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment among the industries least affected by COVID-19
Production value growth accelerated over 2021 driven by COVID-19
China and the US continue to dominate global industry
Producers’ profits under pressure due to prevailing cost containment measures
Western Europe leads pharmaceuticals and medical equipment exports
Large Western healthcare markets support import growth
Increasing consumer demand for healthcare facilitates global market expansion
Rising commodity prices pressure pharmaceuticals and medical equipment industry
Prices of major commodities have been on the rise since 2020
Pfizer strengthens its position thanks to strong sales of COVID-19 vaccine and treatment
Total number of companies increases, driven by sector expansion in developing countries
Industry concentration to remain low despite ongoing consolidation
China, the US and Western Europe to drive future production value growth
Production value recovered to pre-pandemic levels by 2021 in most countries
Key future trends shaping the global industry
China: After a spike in turnover in 2021, industry growth to normalise
China: Strong domestic and foreign demand to support long-term industry growth
US: Industry turnover to continue growing, albeit at a slower rate
US: The industry is forecast to record healthy development over the forecast period
Ireland: Industry turnover to maintain healthy growth in real terms
Ireland: Strong global demand to support export-oriented Irish industry
Switzerland: High exports support production value growth
Switzerland: The country to remain a major hub for life sciences innovation
Germany: Soaring exports and solid domestic demand drive industry expansion in 2021
Germany: The country is set to remain one of the top global producers and exporters
Japan: Industry production turnover to slow down
Japan: Industry outlook clouded by state efforts to reduce healthcare spending
France: The industry production value in real terms to witness modest growth
France: Reviving demand for healthcare to support market growth over the medium term
Puerto Rico: The industry witnesses recovery
Puerto Rico: Rising investment and growing demand support outlook, but headwinds persist
UK: Industry growth accelerates amid rising demand for healthcare services
UK: Industry is poised to record healthy long-term development
India: Industry records strong growth on the back of reviving global demand
India: Expanding domestic and foreign demand to support industry growth


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