New Concepts in Consumer Foodservice

August 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a host of new challenges to the foodservice industry in 2020. More than two years later, new restaurant formats are emerging to address these challenges and create innovative dining concepts for a post-pandemic world. This report explores how these new concepts developed, their appeal to consumers, and the future implications that these concepts will have on the foodservice industry.

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Key Findings

Sustainability comes back into focus

Sustainability took a backseat role during the COVID-19 pandemic but is coming back into focus more than two years later. As consumers increasingly demand sustainable packaging and options, restaurant operators are expected to increase their focus on eliminating single-use plastics and providing more sustainable packaging solutions for delivery and takeaway orders.

Social dining occasions return as pandemic restrictions ebb

Consumers around the world are hungry for social interaction after years of pandemic-related restrictions on dining and gatherings. New restaurant formats are emerging with a focus on integrating dining experiences and social connections.

New formats and concepts focused on meal fulfilment show promise

Explosive growth in food and drink delivery has led foodservice operators to optimise operations for on-demand delivery. Ghost kitchens, virtual brands, and automated foodservice concepts are all vital components of this process and restaurant operators will need to continue exploring these new formats to meet the demand for delivery and takeaway meals.

Automation is gradually blended into new foodservice concepts

Automation in the foodservice industry has been more of a gradual adaptation than a rapid shift, but new automated concepts continue to evolve and take shape in the era of food on-demand. Restaurant operators will need to increasingly automate aspects of food production and order fulfilment to offset rising costs and meet consumer demand.

What’s next for consumer foodservice?

As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts in social habits and consumption preferences will continue to drive innovation in the foodservice industry. To remain relevant, foodservice industry operators must understand how, when and where consumers are choosing to eat.


New Concepts in Consumer Foodservice
Key findings
Concepts from 12 countries highlight the latest in restaurant development


Interest in sustainability returns after receding during the pandemic
Kleen Hub develops a system for reuseable coffee cups and food boxes
FoodPrint reduces food waste by offering timely deals to diners
Rakun offers a subscription-based sharing community for reuseable food packaging
Le Pr é sage offers a futuristic dining experience centred on sustainability
Packaging plays a key role in future sustainability initiatives

Social occasions

Return of social occasions brings innovative new foodservice concepts to light
Bairro’s Buro combines a coworking space with fashionable beverages and baked goods
Caseroo brings traditional “menu of the day” to the community
Via Bana creates economic and social opportunities for communities
Base8 is a lifestyle hub combining dining, beauty services and shopping
Social dining in the era of pandemic recovery

Meal fulfilment

While gaining in popularity prior to the pandemic, ghost kitchens hit their stride
Automation likely to play a significant role in optimising on-demand foodservice
Fizza is a 24/7 pizza vending machine concept
Crown Digital could revolutionise coffee shops through its innovative robotics
Grab e-Kitchen provides a mix-and-match menu in Malaysia
Kitopi Cloud Kitchen is a ghost kitchen concept with an innovative kitchen operating system
The future of meal fulfilment


Key Takeaways

Consumer Foodservice

Consumer foodservice is composed of cafés/bars, full-service restaurants, limited-service restaurants, self-service cafeterias and street stalls/kiosks.

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