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Passport: Nutrition is a first-of-its-kind database that examines the total amount of nutrients purchased through packaged food and soft drink products worldwide, evaluating eight key nutrients in 54 countries. Our nutrition research helps your organisation understand key markets and drivers, dietary trends and how to position your company for success. 

Research applications 

  • Gain an understanding of health and dietary trends in target markets 

  • Formulate recipes and develop new offerings by country to better suit dietary variances, local taste preferences and regulations

  • Identify product categories contributing the most to the purchase of key nutrients

  • Analyse gaps in the packaged food and soft drinks markets and explore market structure

  • Compare the nutritional content of similar and competing brands to better position your products

  • Explore how much brands contribute to the purchase of key nutrients


  • 6 years of historical market size data and 5 years of forecasts

  • Nutrient content per 100 grams of each brand is available at the lowest category and country level

  • 230 food and soft drinks categories

  • More than 57,000 food and soft drink brands

  • Examine how product categories and brands contribute to the purchase of nutrients, on a per-capita, per-day basis  

  • Includes nutrition shares by company and brand


  •  Global reports on major issues and the latest trends in nutrition provide new insights and analysis from a global, regional and country perspective

  • Country datagraphics for 54 countries provide an overview of consumer dietary patterns

  • Dashboards deliver a visual representation of nutrients purchased by country to reveal future opportunities and threats 

  • Compare and analyse dietary patterns of consumers in different countries 

  • Examine differences between nutrients to compare trends

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