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Sweet Biscuits, Snack Bars and Fruit Snacks in Eastern Europe

February 2021

Snack bars were most dynamic over the historic period, appealing to consumers as convenient and healthy snacks. Fruit snacks are also increasingly benefiting from the health trend, albeit still seeing strong competition from unpackaged products. Sweet biscuits, the least dynamic main category, will still continue to heavily influence the overall market due to generating the most actual new sales, including a growth spike due to home seclusion during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Key Findings

Health trend benefits fruit snacks

Dried fruit dominates fruit snacks in Eastern Europe, but often struggles due to being more expensive than unpackaged products. The presence of COVID-19 in 2020 was helping to move consumers towards packaged products, however, due to the perceived risk surrounding possible unhygienic handling of unpackaged variants. The pandemic also increased the focus on general health and wellness, including watching one’s weight.

Snack bars most dynamic

Although snack bars have been seeing a slowdown in growth in 2020, hit by less need for convenient on-the-go options as well as the closure of gyms and fitness centres, they were the most dynamic products over the historic period as a whole. Fruit and nut bars and protein/energy bars were seeing the strongest growth, but the more well-developed cereal bars also recorded a near double-digit CAGR. The products benefit from tapping into both the on-the-go and health trends.

Sweet biscuits still the biggest product area

Sweet biscuits still dominate market sales, even if concerns about their high sugar content continue to be raised. Players will continue to combat this by trying to cut sugar content and using natural ingredients. With consumers – often stuck at home for extended periods during the pandemic – looking for little treats as small rewards, this helped drive a slight sales spike in sweet biscuits in 2020.

Further growth expected

Further growth is expected to be seen over the forecast period, with sweet biscuits driving overall actual new sales, but snack bars and fruit snacks seeing more dynamic percentage growth. The possibility of a tax on products with a high sugar content in Russia, the region’s biggest market, could present players with certain new obstacles to overcome in sweet biscuits, but could help drive sales of fruit snacks as well as many types of snack bar.


Key findings

Regional Overview

Dynamic sales and per capita consumption growth for Eastern Europe
Growth will slow down slightly after 2020 but remain positive
Dynamic growth for snack bars over the historic period
Russia and sweet biscuits still the big influences on the regional market
Snack bars dynamic but sweet biscuits shape the overall performance
Sales spike during the pandemic in 2020, despite snack bars slowdown
Modern grocery retailers dominate sales in Eastern Europe
Traditional grocery retailers still an important, if shrinking, channel

Leading Companies and Brands

Increasing concentration being seen in Eastern Europe
Mondelez and KDV continue gaining share
Russia generates the greatest sales for a number of leading players
KDV Group’s Yashkino becomes the leading brand in Eastern Europe

Forecast Projections

Snack bars will be most dynamic over the forecast period
Sweet biscuits least dynamic but adding the bulk of new sales

Country Snapshots

Belarus: Market Context
Belarus: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Market Context
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Bulgaria: Market Context
Bulgaria: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Croatia: Market Context
Croatia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Czech Republic: Market Context
Czech Republic: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Estonia: Market Context
Estonia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Georgia: Market Context
Georgia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Hungary: Market Context
Hungary: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Latvia: Market Context
Latvia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Lithuania: Market Context
Lithuania: Competitive and Retail Landscape
North Macedonia: Market Context
North Macedonia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Poland: Market Context
Poland: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Romania: Market Context
Romania: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Russia: Market Context
Russia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Serbia: Market Context
Serbia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Slovakia: Market Context
Slovakia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Slovenia: Market Context
Slovenia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Ukraine: Market Context
Ukraine: Competitive and Retail Landscape


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