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What is driving demand for tobacco products now and in the future?

Get a complete view of the industry landscape

Our research offers a complete view of the industry landscape, major and emerging competition and economic and regulatory influences driving change.  

Size your market, analyze distribution channels,  compare your brand and company shares to the competition to build new market entry strategies and identify white space opportunities.

Examine the influence of packaging and ingredients innovation, understand where your future consumers live and shop and stay informed on developments in the smoking cessation market.

Target the right distribution channels

The structure of a country’s retailing environment affects market entry and channel strategy.  Target the right channels and chains, track the shift between traditional and modern retail across countries, find opportunities in the infrastructure outside mass retailing and evaluate the relative importance of kiosks, vending and service station outlets.

Develop goals and challenge assumptions

Correlate internal production output data with external consumption trend measures and set marketing, sales and operational goals against product and competitor performance. Monitor your position within the wider supply chain and examine the relative concentration of competing buyers for the raw materials, processed ingredients and packaging solutions you need.​

Understand your target consumer

Plan your strategy with a global picture of changing incomes, demographics and social trends.  Measure ongoing shifts in income distribution, share of wallet, greying, urbanisation and connectivity. Study the flavour palate of a country from its food and drink flavour preferences.


Passport is our syndicated global research database offering shared access to internationally comparable market research quickly and cost effectively.

Passport advances understanding of the global industry and economic landscape in more than 200 countries, providing actionable insight to support business growth.

Providing a wealth of standardised and cross-comparable statistics, Passport supports critical decision making at the country, regional and global level.

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