Voice of the Consumer: Digital Survey 2023 – Key Insights

July 2023

This report summarises findings from the Voice of the Consumer: Digital Survey, which was fielded in March and April 2023. This annual survey of 20,000 consumers explores how new technologies are changing how and where consumers shop. Key topics of exploration include shopper engagement, path to purchase, delivery and fulfilment, and privacy.

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Key Findings

Leveraging social media power drives business growth

Although consumers still have a preference for engaging with human representatives to address customer service inquiries, social media continues to revolutionise the way consumers interact with brands and retailers, transforming it into a valuable sales tool for businesses.

The digital element is involved in nearly every step of the purchasing process

The influence of digitalisation has permeated almost every stage of the purchasing process. Whether it is researching products, making the actual purchase or completing the payment, digital technologies have become an integral part of the shopping experience.

The importance of setting and meeting consumer delivery expectations

The delivery process plays a crucial role in online purchases. Despite the common belief that consumers prioritise speedy delivery, what they truly value is a delivery experience that aligns with their expectations, including free delivery, scheduled timing, designated location and convenient return options.

Consumers protect personal data, and expect the same from companies

Consumers willingly share personal data for personalised experiences and benefits, but prioritise data security. Responsible data management is expected from brands and retailers, fostering trust and confidence in the digital area.

Consumers gradually integrate technologies into daily life

There is growing consumer interest in new digital experiences, leading to a gradual integration of technologies into consumers’ lives. Businesses and industries are continually adapting to this trend by using technology to create innovative and personalised experiences that cater to consumers’ evolving preferences and expectations.


Background and coverage of the Voice of the Consumer: Digital Survey
Key findings
Consumers value balance of automation and human interaction in service experience
Social media has become an integral part of everyday lives
Widely used social media fuel engagement and online shopping in 2023
Asia Pacific region is driving the livestream shopping phenomenon
Apparel and personal accessories emerges as the leading category for livestreaming
Personal recommendations outweigh influencers’ endorsements
Consumer electronics and appliances stands out as the most extensively researched online
Digital consumers prioritise the traditional in-store shopping for food and beverages
Credit and debit cards remain the leading payment methods
Digital wallets gain momentum, especially in Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific’s high digital wallet usage means regional brands lead in global consumer survey
Consumers have a strong expectation for transparent delivery planning
Consumers benefit from click-and-collect service options
Digital consumers expect seamless returns and prompt refunds
Consumers opt for a selected list of foodservice delivery apps
Consumers expect benefits in exchange for sharing their personal data
Consumers expect retailers and brand act responsible with personal data
Consumers are taking actions to protect personal data
Digital shift influence growing comfort with technologies
Virtual and augmented reality are gradually making their way into digital consumers’ lives
Digital consumers exhibit a strong interest in a diverse range of virtual activities
Barriers surrounding voice assistance limit their usage
Voice assistants are mainly used for everyday activities
Key takeaways
About Euromonitor International’s Syndicated Channels Research
Information about Euromonitor International’s syndicated survey methods
Digital Survey offers insight into digital consumer habits and attitudes
Voice of the Consumer: Digital Survey: FAQs


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