Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles Survey 2022: Key Insights

May 2022

Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles Survey 2022: Key Insights report offers valuable insights into global consumer attitudes and current thinking, and their impact on purchasing and consumption habits; quantifying behaviours, preferences and motivations

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Key findings

Focus on spending squeeze

Consumers are having to find ways to manage their budgets during times of high inflation and rising costs. Spending is focused on finding best value and alternative ways of accessing goods.

9-to-5 no more

Strict 9-to-5 pre-pandemic routines have been disrupted as consumers embrace more flexibility in all aspects of their lives, particularly during the time they spend at home working, studying, eating and relaxing.

Setting new goals

Emerging from the pandemic, many global consumers are looking for opportunities to improve and enhance their lives through upskilling, education and other learning opportunities. Many are also seeking more challenging and rewarding experiences.

Trust matters

Trust and authenticity are now key priorities. Consumers need to know not only that products meet their needs, but that the ethos and values of businesses align with their own.

Bringing back the good times

After having had their social lives curtailed during the pandemic, consumers are re-engaging with friends and wider society, and they are determined to bring enjoyment back into their lives.

Background and coverage of the Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles Survey
2022: Five key insights
Consumers focused on managing their spending and strengthening their savings
Consumers are concentrating on making savings and buying pre-owned goods
Consumers are willing to spend on, or pay more for what they value most
Coop Italia reaches out to hard-pressed consumers with lower cost premium brand Fiorfiore
9-to-5 no More: New expectations, new schedules
As working schedules change, typical mealtimes are disrupted
Consumers embrace meal options that they can enjoy at times that suit them
Market Caterers grows its target market by delivering meals to employees WFH
Creating new opportunities though self-improvement
Consumers want to improve their skillsets and want to engage with and influence brands
Consumers focus on personal time, self-promotion and making a difference
Walmart commits to providing its workers with career-driven training and development
Trust matters to global consumers
Product label information is still most trusted information source
Global consumers want to protect privacy but will share data with trusted businesses
Nudie Jeans builds trust by showing consumers how its products are made
Global consumers celebrate restored social lives
Global consumers getting back out to enjoy their social and cultural lives
New mindset emerges as a greater number of consumers “live for the moment”
Tui’s Marella Cruises launches new “Live Happy” campaign
Lifestyles Survey offers insight into consumer habits and attitudes
Information about Euromonitor International’s syndicated survey methods
Lifestyles Survey: FAQs


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