Voice of the Consumer: Mobility Survey 2023 Key Highlights

August 2023

This visual report highlights the results of Euromonitor International’s 2023 Voice of the Consumer: Mobility survey, covering the everyday transportation habits and attitudes of global consumers.

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Key findings

Commuting remains a significant part of the daily routine for many consumers, even with the adoption of hybrid work models by many companies. Personal cars continue to be the preferred choice for everyday transportation needs, despite the downsides of parking challenges, environmental impact and maintenance costs.

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity, and their growth is being driven by several factors, like rising fuel costs and a preference for sustainable transportation options. One of the main reasons given by respondents for not buying an electric car is the high purchase cost, as EVs tend to be considerably more expensive than internal combustion engine vehicles. Public charging locations also need to be better developed in urban areas to boost EV sales.

Micromobility options, such as electric vehicles and bicycle sharing, are becoming more and more popular among urban consumers, owing to their convenience, compatibility with smartphones and their appeal to tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Zs. Transportation network services, such as ride-hailing, have also gained popularity in densely populated urban areas.

A quarter of respondents expect transport prices to increase. Younger consumers anticipate an increase in transportation spending, while older age groups expect their commuting expenses to remain steady, reflecting different commuting patterns and preferences between age groups.

Although e-commerce and mobile shopping thrived in 2023, nearly half of new car owners made their purchases in physical retailers. More than 40% of respondents bought automobiles at a store or in person in 2022. Approximately 51% of global respondents intend to purchase a new (36%) or used car (14%) in the next 12 months, indicating steady demand in the automobile market.

Key findings
One in two consumers who commute to work do so every weekday
More public more green
Growing emphasis on shared and on-demand services
Personal cars remain most popular among European consumers
Petrol remains the primary automobile fuel
More than one third of voice assistant users use GPS systems at least daily
Young adults leading EV market growth
High cost and poor charging infrastructure hold back global EV purchases
E lectric micromobility vehicles on the rise among urban consumers
A quarter of respondents expect transport prices to increase
More than half of respondents intend to buy a car in 2023
Average weekly spend on different commuting types
Information about Euromonitor International’s syndicated survey methods
Voice of the Consumer: Mobility survey: FAQs


All vehicles captured by Euromonitor's vehicle volume sales data, i.e. light vehicles -passenger cars and light commercial vehicles combined. Medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses are not covered.

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