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Top 10 Articles of 2022

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2022 was a year of uncertainty dominated by the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, high commodity prices, soaring global inflation, a cost-of-living crisis squeezing consumer spending potential and China’s controversial zero-COVID policy. Here is a look at the insights which resonated the most with our audience. As well as our annual content around global consumer trends, and top 100 city destinations, inflation surge was top of mind for our readers.

Check out Euromonitor International’s most popular articles of 2022:

  1. What Are the 10 Global Consumer Trends in 2022?

It’s no secret that consumer needs and preferences evolved in unprecedented ways over the past 18 months, and many companies have struggled to innovate fast enough. The only way to keep up is by watching these changes closely to spot new opportunities.

  1. Euromonitor Revela las 10 Principales Tendencias Globales de Consumo para 2022

La empresa de investigación de mercado global Euromonitor International ha publicado hoy el muy esperado informe “Las 10 principales tendencias globales de consumo para 2022”.

El informe anual de Euromonitor define las tendencias que motivan el comportamiento del consumidor y desafían las estrategias comerciales en el próximo año.

  1. Top 100 City Destinations Index 2022 Highlights the Best Performers of the Year

The travel and tourism industry is facing a new set of challenges with rising labour shortages, inflationary times and rising economic uncertainty. This is increasing the pressure on urban environments and cities to improve efficiency, mitigate the impacts of climate change, support smart urban development, boost green credentials and enhance the tourism offer in a post-pandemic period.

  1. Global Inflation Tracker Q2 2022: Energy-Dependent Countries Under Pressure

Global inflationary pressures have increased in Q2 2022, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Supply chain and transportation problems, as well as added volatility and rising energy, food and commodity prices, are accelerating global price growth. Although the war will also dampen some inflationary pressures due to lower private sector confidence and spending, overall global inflation is forecast to accelerate in 2022-2023.

  1. Global Inflation Tracker Q3 2022: Inflation May Have Peaked but Energy Prices Continue to Cause Headwinds

After a stronger rise in surging energy and food prices than expected in Q2 2022, global inflationary pressures have eased slightly in Q3 2022 as consumer price and manufacturer price data suggest that inflation may have reached a peak. Stabilisation of commodity prices and lower fuel costs are the main factors helping to cap the inflation surge.

  1. Infographic: Global Inflation Surge: Causes and Implications for Businesses

Supply chain shortages, political instability and climate change are just a few factors pushing global prices for everyday goods upwards. Having a robust understanding of the short- and long-term drivers of inflation and how this will impact spending habits allows businesses to be agile during periods of volatility.

  1. Consumer Health in 2022: Priorities, Opportunities and Concerns

We surveyed more than 20,000 individuals across 20 markets around the world to explore how lifestyles and attitudes towards health are changing. All so we can help businesses understand what buyers are looking for, which in turn will strengthen marketing and sales strategies.

  1. Five Major Appliances Trends to Watch in 2022

The global major appliances market grew by 3% in 2021, recovering from tepid growth of 0.3% in 2020. Major drivers continued to be stimulus packages, low interest rates, continued hybrid working arrangements and a booming housing market.

  1. Top Six Trends Shaping the Global Snacks Industry

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, snacks has been the most affected within the packaged food industry. Greater health concerns, coupled with a drastically reduced number of impulse purchase occasions, have been major factors behind the slowdown in the growth of snacks in value terms. Confectionery has undoubtedly been the category most exposed to these new circumstances, but not all has been negative, as savoury snacks came out of 2021 even stronger, as the top snacks category.

  1. Three Main Risks Facing Businesses in 2022: Omicron, Supply Chain and Inflation

Two years into the pandemic, and businesses entering 2022 are having to face ongoing uncertainties and risks. Although the global economy saw a strong rebound in 2021, supported by the advancement of vaccination campaigns and stimulus spending, the pandemic’s effects still linger and are having a long-lasting impact on economies, consumers and global supply chains. Euromonitor International has identified the three challenges in its latest report that are likely to impact businesses the most in 2022: Omicron, supply chain bottlenecks and inflation.

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