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Press Releases

China slowdown will create winners and losers in global economy: Euromonitor International

19 Sep 23

China’s slowdown and deflation will create winners and losers in the global economy, market research firm Euromonitor International has revealed.

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Euromonitor reveals top 10 fastest growing retailers Asia Pacific 2023

12 Sep 23

Euromonitor International’s report on the retail landscape in the Asia Pacific region looked at the new chapter in the retail industry across physical and digital channels, as the sector and consumers alike enter the post-pandemic era.  

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12 Sep 23

国際的な市場調査会社であるユーロモニターインターナショナル(以下、当社)は、「2023年版 アジア太平洋の急成長小売企業TOP10」を発表しました。トップ10の中に、アジアを代表する小売テック企業と共に、日本から株式会社ニトリホールディングスと株式会社コスモス薬品の2 社が入りました。

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Premium alcohol range on the rise despite global cost of living crisis, says Euromonitor International expert

30 Aug 23

Premium alcohol brands have continued to grow and sell in the face of the global cost of living crisis, reveals a Euromonitor International expert.

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A flash in the pan; Euromonitor data shows French consumers are buying 80% less mustard online than last year as supply problems ease

29 Aug 23

Online sales of mustard in France have dropped by 80% as the supply chain for harvests of mustard seeds have been replenished this year, according to Euromonitor data.

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Travellers will pay 10% extra for sustainable travel despite cost of living crisis: Euromonitor Report

15 Aug 23

Nearly 80% of travellers will pay at least 10 per cent more for sustainable travel features despite the cost of living crisis, a Euromonitor International report has revealed.

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Euromonitor’s first-ever Global Energy Vulnerability Index highlights international risk of energy shocks

1 Aug 23

The Global Energy Vulnerability Index 2023 is designed to help leaders and businesses assess and benchmark a country’s energy security, providing insights into potential risks, challenges and opportunities in the markets where they operate or plan to expand into in the future. 

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Women’s World Cup 2023 viewership to cross 2 billion, double from 2019: Euromonitor International

20 Jul 23

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 television viewership and stadium attendance figures to surpass records to cross 2 billion, up from 1.12 billion in 2019. Additionally, women’s club football stadium attendance for 2022 in top leagues is already exceeding pre-Covid levels.

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Barbie movie set to breathe new life into doll sales

13 Jul 23

Barbie film fever is set to turn the world pink and skyrocket the doll industry to an estimated US$14 billion by 2027, according to a Euromonitor expert.

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