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Consumer Finance 

Analyse changes in consumer preferences to support decisions on how and where to invest. 

Make strategic business decisions 

Whether analysing the growth of m-commerce or comparing company shares across markets, our research provides you with the data to make smarter business decisions. 

Review research and analysis by market to pinpoint opportunities and analyse whitespace, helping you build a strong go-to-market strategy. 

Build plans using our short- and long-term forecasts and tailor strategies by evaluating trends, regulations and customer demographics. 

Become an expert in your target markets 

Know everything about your target markets, from your target consumers to local competition. Evaluate company shares across the globe and analyse payment landscapes using payment values, transaction counts and card circulation counts. 

Leverage insight from our global network of analysts in developed, emerging and frontier markets. Use their local knowledge to identify the next big growth opportunity and new routes to market. 

Benchmark the competition 

Better position your products and company against the competition.

Access market share data and company profiles and benchmark your performance against competitors to further understand the competitive landscape and identify your biggest threat. 

solutions for consumer finance 

Our clients include the top local operators, the leading payment brands, retail banks payment technology companies and card issuers.

We help make strategic decisions according to the outlook and growth potential of a market, identify opportunities in new markets and better position their products. 

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