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Global Surveys

Our survey team delivers powerful insights to help you better understand current consumer preferences, identify emerging trends and pinpoint marketing and product development opportunities in markets around the world.


Access an intimate look at consumer attitudes, behaviours and evolving trends.

We interpret thousands of survey responses from more than 15 countries and 20,000 consumers, leveraging our market knowledge and analyst network to gain a better understanding of consumers worldwide.

Translate responses into STRATEGY

  • Analyse consumer data by country, age, gender, income and 700+ other traits
  • Research local and global consumer trends across a wide range of industries
  • Identify gaps between consumer aspirations and actions
  • Examine consumer shopping preferences, maximising revenue channels
  • Anticipate business challenges based on consumer behaviour and attitude analysis



Euromonitor administers its surveys online and distributes them to in-house analysts and consumers through leading panel providers who abide by the ICC/ESOMAR code for ethical market research. Consumer respondents include a mix of members of actively managed panels and recruits from river sampling. Consumer respondents are screened to ensure pre-defined, nested quotas are met. These quotas are typically set to match the broader population of the country of residence in terms of age and gender but are sometimes set to match a specific sub-population.

Once surveys are completed, members of our team analyse responses using techniques that include: descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, cross-tabulation, correlation, analysis of variance, regression analysis, factor analysis and cluster analysis. Team members examine consumer attitudes and behaviours in light of demographic consumer traits: country, age, gender, social class, household type, etc. They also analyse consumer behaviours in terms of attitudinal survey responses: opinions, feelings and personality traits.

Findings from the statistical analyses of survey responses are then interpreted in a broader context. Consumer insight specialists convey survey findings with the aid of additional Passport data and analysis regarding consumer thought-processes, cultural frameworks and economic circumstances at global, regional and country levels.

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