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Pet Products in Morocco

As pet products are not perceived as necessity items, the category’s performance is highly dependent on disposable incomes. Retail sales of pet products increased by 8% in current value terms in 2012, largely in line with the review period average, ...

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Country Report

Pet Care in Morocco

Pet food benefited from strong value and volume sales growth over the review period. This growth can largely be attributed to westernisation resulting in stronger pet ownership rates as well as increased awareness of pet care products. Pet owners ...

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Country Report

Dog Food in Morocco

In 2013 dog food is expected to achieve a value growth of 11% to reach DH292 million and 10% in volume with 9,335 tonnes. Compared to 2012, dog food will see a remarkable growth in terms of volume and unit price but a slight decline in value growth ...

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Country Report

Cat Food in Morocco

In 2013 cat food is expected to continue to grow, recording 8% increase in value and 9% in volume to reach DH130 million and 4,497 tonnes respectively. Thus, compared to 2012 cat food will considerably grow in both value and volume terms whilst unit ...

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Country Report

Other Pet Food in Morocco

Other pet food saw a positive value growth of 4% in 2012. Given that the category is growing slowly, in order to encourage the consumption, key players are tending to keep their product prices the same; this will impact value growth, which is ...

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