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Top 10 Must-Read Articles of 2021

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Top 10 Must-Read Articles of 2021


In 2021, Euromonitor International published hundreds of articles covering topics ranging from the state of the global economy to future consumer trends, plant-based eating and more. Now, we are looking back at what really piqued the interest of our audience, and kept them coming back for more.

Check out Euromonitor International’s most popular articles of 2021. 

1.      Five Key Trends Shaping the Global Economy in 2021 and Beyond

Understanding the factors impacting the economic and financial landscape is more important for business strategies now than ever. Here are five opportunities to adapt and move forward with a stronger strategic direction.

2.      World Market for Beauty and Personal Care

The global beauty and personal care market declined by 3% in 2020 but is expected to rebound. This article shares how brands are pivoting their business models to address the new needs of the consumer and the top trends shaping the industry.

3.      Plant-Based Producers Have Demographics On Their Side

Meat alternatives are booming. Which consumers are driving this trend? What are they looking for in plant-based foods? How can you capture new customers? This article answers all these questions.

4.      New Strategies to Engage Millennials and Generation Z in Times of Uncertainty

Winning the loyalty of younger generations will require new tactics and strategies. With high expectations for technology and innovation, businesses need to focus on four pillars: innovation, price, values, and activism.

5.      Global Economic Outlook: Q4 2021

The spread of the Delta COVID-19 variant and supply constraints are limiting economic recovery. Find out whether we have predicated an optimistic recovery for 2022.

6.      Unilever Spin-off Ekaterra and the New Landscape of Global Tea

Local competition in the tea industry is intensifying. What will Ekaterra do to address this challenge? How it decides to respond will set the tone for the global tea market for the years to come.

7.      Top 10 Global Consumer Trends in 2021

Consumers were demanding, anxious and creative in dealing with change in 2021. This article helps clients to leverage the biggest consumer trends and find new ways to differentiate offerings. Furthermore, Euromonitor International also predicted the top 2022 consumer trends.

8.      Five Themes for the Progression of Fashion in 2021 and Beyond

With many consumers working from home, fashion purchases shifted to buying more loungewear and home wear, creating opportunities for fashion companies to diversify into new categories. Find out what other themes are driving the fashion industry.

9.      Quick Commerce in Western Europe: Trends, Operational Models and Prospects

Consumers today demand speed, triggering the arrival of quick commerce. But is this a growing business model for everyone? Our research expert identifies which companies are currently competing in this space and what these players should consider now to profit tomorrow.

10. Global Economic Outlook Q3 2021

We predicted a generally positive forecast with 4.6% growth in 2022 despite the emergence of new COVID-19 variants. Take a look at two different scenarios: optimistic versus pessimistic.

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