Juice in Peru

January 2022
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Understand the latest market trends and future growth opportunities for the Juice industry in Peru with research from Euromonitor International's team of in-country analysts – experts by industry and geographic specialisation.

Key trends are clearly and succinctly summarised alongside the most current research data available. Understand and assess competitive threats and plan corporate strategy with our qualitative analysis, insight and confident growth projections.

If you're in the Juice industry in Peru, our research will help you to make informed, intelligent decisions; to recognise and profit from opportunity, or to offer resilience amidst market uncertainty.

The Juice in Peru report includes:

  • Analysis of key supply-side and demand trends
  • Detailed segmentation of international and local products
  • Historic volume and value sizes, company and brand market shares
  • Five year forecasts of market trends and market growth
  • Robust and transparent research methodology, conducted in-country

This report answers:

  • What is the market size of Juice in Peru?
  • To what extent are health considerations impacting consumption of Juice in Peru?
  • How are changing social attitudes and legislation (eg sugar tax) reshaping demand and consumption?
  • How are changing demographics (for example, an ageing or predominantly young population) determining consumption of Juice in Peru?
  • Which are the leading brands in Juice in Peru?
  • What potential exists for multinational or domestic soft drinks companies to expand in Peru?
  • How are products distributed in Juice in Peru?
  • How is the rise of e-commerce changing the retail and competitive landscape?
  • How have home seclusion and social distancing measures following COVID-19 impacted sales of Juice?
  • How are sustainability issues, such as environmentally-friendly packaging, legislation on recyclability, or the amount of plastic in bottles, impacting the soft drinks industry?
  • Where is future growth expected to be most dynamic?

Juice in Peru - Category analysis



Local ingredients and health benefits key to growth in juice
Home-made juice puts pressure on sales
Arca Continental launches new line of Citrus Punch


Nectars in need of rebranding due to unhealthy image
New flavours and new pack sizes expected to shake up the market
Localisation trend set to blossom


Table 1 Off-trade Sales of Juice by Category: Volume 2016-2021 Table 2 Off-trade Sales of Juice by Category: Value 2016-2021 Table 3 Off-trade Sales of Juice by Category: % Volume Growth 2016-2021 Table 4 Off-trade Sales of Juice by Category: % Value Growth 2016-2021 Table 5 NBO Company Shares of Off-trade Juice: % Volume 2017-2021 Table 6 LBN Brand Shares of Off-trade Juice: % Volume 2018-2021 Table 7 NBO Company Shares of Off-trade Juice: % Value 2017-2021 Table 8 LBN Brand Shares of Off-trade Juice: % Value 2018-2021 Table 9 Forecast Off-trade Sales of Juice by Category: Volume 2021-2026 Table 10 Forecast Off-trade Sales of Juice by Category: Value 2021-2026 Table 11 Forecast Off-trade Sales of Juice by Category: % Volume Growth 2021-2026 Table 12 Forecast Off-trade Sales of Juice by Category: % Value Growth 2021-2026
The following categories and subcategories are included:


    • Not from Concentrate 100% Juice
    • Reconstituted 100% Juice
  • Juice Drinks (up to 24% Juice)
  • Nectars
  • Coconut and Other Plant Waters


This category covers all still packaged juice obtained from fruits or vegetables by mechanical processes, reconstituted or fresh, often including pulp or fruit/vegetable puree. All unpackaged juices are excluded. Only still drinks are included here. Carbonated varieties are included non-cola carbonates. Juice-flavoured milk drinks and fruit shakes which are primarily milk are excluded–these are instead tracked in Packaged Foods Dairy. However, if the juice component is greater, the product is to be excluded from Packaged Foods Dairy coverage and tracked under the relevant category (based on % juice content) within Soft Drinks juice. This sector is the aggregation of 100% juice, nectars (25-99% juice content), juice drinks (up to 24% juice content), and coconut & other plant waters.

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This report originates from Passport, our Juice research and analysis database.


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